CCJ Workshop

Limited to 16 seats

Register for the whole workshop by attending the first day with the masters going through live cadaveric interactive learning of all the approaches and pertinent anatomy followed by two days of hands on cadaveric supervised dissection.

During Day 2 and 3 the participants will be working in pairs. Each participant will have an opportunity to do the whole approach in each station. The participants will have two world renowned expert neurosurgeons spend two hours in each approach helping them and supervising them at a ratio of two participants per two faculty. This is the first course of its kind to provide such an opportunity. The stations have been designed to meet the highest standards of an operating room theatre with the highest quality of equipment and cadaveric specimen. You will feel that you are in the operating theatre.

Day 1 (Wednesday)
Join the Master Class
March 22nd 2017

  • Watch the masters do life realtime cadaveric surgery
  • State of the art round table discussion by the masters
  • The lectures are prepared by leading experts in the field
  • Emphasis on Anatomy and Surgical Approaches with the highest quality
Day 2 & 3 (Thursday + Friday)
Dissection Course
March 23rd – 24th 2017Hands on cadaveric dissection by the participants covering station 1 to 8. Participants will go to the state of the art laboratory and perform hands on high quality cadaveric dissection. There will be two participants per station and each participant will have an opportunity to do a full exposure on her/his own with two to two teaching ratio by the masters.


Below is an interactive page with the 8 stations offered at the Cranio Cervical Junction Workshop. Please click on each station to see the world renowned faculty teaching this course.

Station 1 Station 2 Station 3 Station 2 Station 8 Station 4 Station 5 Station 6 Station 7